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Quotes I really do not remebmer the date, but almost inmediately of signing up I became a Life-Timer member of Legacy Hits. I enjoy the site, the games and the good surfing timing, but I do appretiate the way the three owners are engaged to make of Legacy Hits one of the best TEs in the net. One of the greatest moments (for me) was the day Legacy became a patner of the nerd surfing. Congratulations! Quotes
I really do not reme

Quotes I had about all but given up on surfing and was moivng to strictly email and safelists campaigns when I found Legacy Hits. Thanks to Marcus and the guys at Legacy I started using the chatrooms and going (when I can) to TE LIVE and have found it to be such a boon to my business that now I have actually upgraded here and at 8 other TE's. I have made so many new contacts through Legacy and through the various chat rooms, and I feel I owe it all to Marcus for getting me motivated again! Thanks Marcus, and thank you Legacy Hits! Quotes
I had about all but

Quotes First, understand that my poor use of words can never come close to explaining the rush of emotions and sensations that Juanice evokes. Gifted is not even close to describing the level of skill and talent she has. For whatever reasons I was very nervous when we first met. Just the sound of her voice helped calm me. But as I laid down on the table face down my heart was racing and my body was tense. When she put her hands on my back I thought she had a small vibrating device on her hands. But I quickly learned she didn't--it was just my body reacting to her touch. My biggest regret is that I didn't relax and fall into the experience until my body forced me to. Her hands were so in touch with my body that it surprised me actually. She found and removed some of the sorest tension spots in my neck back and even sinuses. Juanice deserves utmost respect. Allow her to use her talent. You will never be the same. Quotes
Words Cannot Describe The Experience

Quotes I came in with much emotional pain, feeling detached from the rest of the world. Juanice is blessed with such insightfulness, she connected at once with my pain. We shared more then an hour of compassionate thought and touch. I was able to let go with trust and left feeling complete. Part of me felt like the healing had begun, that my life could have purpose and hope for a future relationship. Juanice is an intuitive mentor that you will feel comfortable letting her into your intimate being. I wish much love and happiness to Juanice for that is what she gives others. Blessing to you ... from your Christmas visitor Quotes
very healing experience

Quotes I love this!! The only thing I could critique is the interesting location, but that doesn't really matter at all. The studio is very small, very private, and feels very safe. The atmosphere juanice creates is perfect - it is dimly lit, warm, and very inviting. Juanice is excellent at what she does, is very intelligent, and is insanely friendly. I have never experienced such energy before. I felt completely revitalized after my session and I will be back! Thank you, Juanice for turning me onto a whole new world!!!!!! I am in love with this place!! Quotes
ill be back!!